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Proto-Apartheid at an Eastern Cape town

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Keith Tankard
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Updated: 14 December 2009
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Primary Source Material:

1. Archives, Cape Town

    1/ELN 4/1/1/2 East London Magistrate, 1848-58
    1/ELN 5/1/1/1 East London Magistrate, 1848-57
    1/ELN 5/1/1/3 East London Magistrate, 1859-62
    3/ELN 1/1/1/1 Council Minutes, East London, 1874-8
    3/ELN 1/1/1/2 Council Minutes, East London, 1878-80
    3/ELN 1/1/1/3 Council Minutes, East London, 1880-1
    3/ELN 1/1/1/4 Council Minutes, East London, 1881-3
    3/ELN 1/1/1/5 Council Minutes, East London, 1883-5
    3/ELN 1/1/1/6 Council Minutes, East London, 1885-8
    3/ELN 1/1/1/7 Council Minutes, East London, 1888-92
    3/ELN 1/1/1/8 Council Minutes, East London, 1892-4
    3/ELN 1/1/1/10 Council Minutes, East London, 1896-7
    3/ELN 1/1/1/11 Council Minutes, East London, 1897-9
    3/ELN 1/1/1/12 Council Minutes, East London, 1899-1901
    3/ELN 1/1/1/14 Council Minutes, East London, 1903-4
    3/ELN 1/1/1/15 Council Minutes, East London, 1905-6
    3/ELN 1/1/1/18 Council Minutes, East London, 1908-9
    3/ELN 1/1/1/24 Council Minutes, East London, 1914
    3/ELN 1/1/1/33 Council Minutes, East London, 1926-7
    3/ELN 1 Correspondence File, Locations, 1919-24
    3/ELN 8 Correspondence File, Locations, 1903-10
    3/ELN 11 Correspondence File, Locations, 1903-19
    3/ELN 13 Correspondence File, Locations, 1904-16
    3/ELN 18 Correspondence File, Locations, 1917-23
    3/ELN 20 Correspondence File, Locations, 1900-19
    3/ELN 453 Correspondence File, Locations, 1898-1910
    3/ELN 924 Correspondence File, Locations, 1913-6
    3/ELN 925 Correspondence File, Locations, 1916-9
    BK 61 Magistrate, East London, 1856-60
    BK 63 Magistrate, East London, 1858-66
    BK 378 Schedules, 1857
    BK 379 Schedules, 1858
    BK 405 Letter Book, 1849-56
    CCT 188 Letters from East London, 1848-50
    CO 4489 Colonel Mackinnon, 1848-50
    DSGBK 1 BK Government, Letters, 1856-8
    GH 8/31 BK Chief Commissioner, 1857
    GH 20/2/1 British Kaffraria, 1853-8
    GH 22/2 High Commissioner, 1847-8
    NA 172 Civil Commissioner, A-W, 1874
2. Cory Library, Rhodes University
    MIC 172 William Greenstock's Diary
    MS 16 605 Henry Kitton's Diary, 1859-60
    MS 16 713 Bishop Cotterill's Letterbook
    MS 16 719 Letters of Rudolph von Hube
    MS 16 721 Letters of Edward Lees
    MS 16 826 East London Church Registers, 1849-52
3. East London Municipality
    Mayor's Minutes, 1881-1923
4. Mendelssohn Library, Cape Town
    7006, Cl.a968.7056. J Mackays Note Book in South Africa, 1876-6.


1. Books
    JE Alexander, Narrative of a Voyage of Observation among the Colonies of Western Africa, in the Flag-ship Thalia; and of a Campaign in Kaffir-land, on the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief in 1835 (London, 1837)

    R Gray, Journals of Two Visitations in 1848 and 1850, Part 2 (London, 1849), p 108.

2. Documents
    Acts of Parliament, Cape Town

    Act 23, 1880: The East London Municipality Act, 1880.
    Act 12, 1893: Local Bodies Increased Powers Act, 1893.
    Act 11, 1895: East London Municipality Amendment Act, 1895
3. Commission reports

    South African Native Affairs (Lagden) Commission, 1903-5
    Stallard Commission, 1923
    Minutes of the Bloemfontein Customs Conference, 1903
4. Newspapers

    Cape of Good Hope Government Gazette
    East London Dispatch
    East London Advertiser
    Frontier Standard
    Graham's Town Journal
    Izwi Labantu
    King William's Town Gazette
5. Papers laid before Parliament, Britain

    PP 1836, XXXIX [279] Frontier War, 1835-6
    PP 1847-8, XLIII [912] Correspondence, 1846-8
    PP 1847-8, XLIII [969] Correspondence, 1846-8
    PP 1854-5, XXXVIII [1969] Governor Grey, 1853-5
    PP 1857-8, XL [2352] Correspondence, 1856-7
6. Papers laid before Parliament, Cape Colony:

    G4-72 Superintendent-General of Education, 1871
    G3-73 Petition from Panmure
    G38-73 Eastern Districts Schools, 1873
    G11-74 Superintendent-General of Education, 1873
7. Papers laid before Parliament, South Africa:

    UG 34-1914. Report of the Tuberculosis Commission.
    UG 15-22. Report of the Native Affairs Commission for 1921


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